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The failure to live by religious moral values is one of the worst dangers that can arise for a society. Because in societies in which people do not abide by these values there is a rapid moral collapse, and the peace and order of society is damaged. Furthermore, just about all the individuals in the society are harmed by this. Examples of this have been seen in various countries in the world in recent times.

In order not to find ourselves facing such a danger it is of the greatest importance to wage an intellectual struggle against irreligiousness. However, in waging this struggle there are a number of elements that need to be borne in mind. One of the most important of these is the fact that irreligion may not always appear as an organized movement.


Unorganized Irreligiousness

Despite their being thousands of proofs of the existence and oneness of God, some people persist in denial and avoid living according to religious moral values, made incumbent upon all people by God. There is no doubt that this is a most ignorant attitude. That is because the only way to find the true peace, happiness and security that a person seeks throughout his or her life is to live according to the religious moral values commanded by God. It is impossible for anyone who does not live by those values, no matter how broad the means at their disposal, to be truly happy. Moments experienced during the course of the day that have the appearance of happiness are actually both very short and transitory and also most of these people are not really happy at all, but merely imitate happiness.

Religious moral values permit people to be patient, compassionate, tolerant, moderate and of good conscience, in other words to live a pleasant life. In a society in which everyone abides by the moral values of religion, peace and moderation prevail over society as a whole. Individuals are always treated with love, compassion and understanding.

People who nonetheless reject this manifest truth engage in a great campaign to prevent people living by religious moral values. That is because their own interests are usually built on evils incompatible with religious moral values. However, they usually wage this campaign in a non-organized manner. When a situation opposed to religious moral values arises, people who are unacquainted with one another and have never previously been together in the same environment may join forces for the same ends. When asked questions, people who have never before laid eyes on one another give similar replies, say the same kind of things based on a similar logic but in different places, and utter the same slogans in different locations. These are not generally organized from a single center, but under a satanic influence possess the same logic, the logic of irreligiousness.

It is Satan who determines and directs the logic of irreligiousness. These people engage in denial and fight against religious moral values under the direction and propaganda of Satan. In this struggle they display the same twisted logic almost everywhere in the world, say the same things, resort to the same deceptions, react in the same way, and behave in the same manner.
As is revealed in this verse, it is actually Satan who actually directs the unbelievers to make irreligious propaganda and to work against religious moral values. In other words, even though they are not organized they work together at Satan's beckoning. Satan inculcates the same propaganda against religious moral values aimed at people of different races and speaking different languages. They, in turn, act in the same way under satanic direction. When the requisite situation arises, under the inspiration of Satan his supporters immediately realize what they have to do, what words they have to speak, what logic to construct, and what paths to follow. The result is a non-organized movement of irreligiousness.

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